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PetroView: GIS with oil and gas data

GIS for oil and gas data analysis and management

PetroView is our Upstream E&P GIS, populated with industry data, that's ideal for:

  • petroleum exploration;
  • new ventures and scouting;
  • business planning;
  • data and document management; and
  • creating reports, presentations and maps.

Screenshot of PetroView Asia Pacific
(Screenshot of PetroView Asia Pacific. Click on the image to enlarge.)

Upstream oil and gas data

The system is fast and easy to use, carrying detailed information on:

  • exploration, appraisal and development wells;
  • licence areas and partner interests;
  • field developments; and
  • infrastructure.

This wealth of information is combined with cultural data to create comprehensive and accurate regional datasets that can be viewed and analysed in map, graph or report format.

Modules and customisation

PetroView may also be customised, enabling users to easily import and visualise their own corporate data, such as structural geology layers, production records, or any other spatial data. Additionally, a range of modular add-ons have been created to support:

  • field analysis;
  • well trading;
  • historic licence and deals analysis;
  • spatial block history analysis;
  • prospect data management; and
  • seismic vendor navigation inventory queries and management.


Since the launch of PetroView in 1992, we have continuously enhanced the tool to embrace the latest technology, whilst retaining a user-friendly interface. PetroView is now available as a desktop and web-based solution. Many oil and gas companies, contractors and financial institutions regard PetroView as the most comprehensive data visualisation package available for the upstream oil and gas industry.


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