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Upstream oil and gas reporting and analysis with PetroReports

PetroReports is a suite of upstream oil and gas reports, delivering factual information and analysis of the industry.

Reports include:

The content, delivery and frequency of the four types of PetroReports differ.  However, the uniting factor between them is the quality of the information and analysis they contain. Together the reports provide you with an insight into every aspect of upstream activity.

The table below provides a quick comparison between the content of these reports.

Field Reports Fiscal and Regulatory Guides Upstream Petroleum Report Weekly Service
- Drilling

- Geology

- Development history

- Facilities

- Production

- Transportation

- Economics

- Foreign investment

- Institutional organisation

- Laws and regulations

- License terms

- Fiscal arrangements

- Petroleum entitlement

- Other contractual provisions

- Abandonment

- Health, safety and environment

- Drilling

- Licensing

- Deals

- Fields

- Production

- Reserves

- Economics

- Drilling

- Licensing

- Deals

Updated annually Updated in response to changes in the environment Updated bi-annually Updated weekly

Please note, market sudies are delivered on an ad-hoc basis and content will alter depending on the topic.


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