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Petroleum economics software for oil and gas asset valuations

Deloitte's petroleum economics software, PetroScope, is an oil and gas asset valuation tool built in Microsoft Excel and designed using discounted cash-flow (DCF) methodology.  Detailed fiscal regime models for 80 producing countries are available for PetroScope.

It has been deployed as a corporate modelling solution for large and small companies, proving invaluable for:

  • Equity research.
  • Portfolio analysis.
  • Business development.
  • Mergers and acquisition.
  • Benchmarking.
  • Competitor analysis.

PetroScope offers a robust framework, complete calculation transparency and an intuitive user interface. The auditability of the models and user-friendly features offered with the PetroScope framework appeal to both novice and expert users.

(Screenshot of Economic Dashboard displaying various economic indicators of a typical asset valuation in PetroScope. Click on the image to enlarge.)

The PetroScope solution

PetroScope models the complexities of a fiscal system allowing the after-tax economics of a project to be analysed. The system is flexible, enabling user to view cash-flows, in real or nominal terms and in any given currency. The interactive economic dashboard presents the results of the analysis, displaying charts and financial indicators.

Projects can also be consolidated at the appropriate equity interests, this allow a user to analyse the economics of a portfolio of assets, including any fiscal synergies that may occur.

PetroScope can be purchased as a standalone application, no annual subscription is required, which will include the framework and one fiscal model. However, further fiscal models can be purchased on a fixed fee basis and can be used immediately within the existing framework.

Many companies regard PetroScope as the most comprehensive upstream fiscal modelling solution available for the analysis of global oil and gas assets.


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