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Russian blocks awarded in January 2012

The Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation issued 12 E&P licenses for the Blocks of Federal Significance, in January 2012.

Blocks awarded in Russia
Region Block Award Date Licensee Deposit
RUB (,000) USD (,000)
Barents Sea Fedynskiy 17.01.2012 Rosneft 685,015 22,683
Perseyevskiy 17.01.2012 107,164 3,548
Tsentralno-Barentsevskiy 17.01.2012 131,953 4,369
Sea of Okhotsk Kashevarovskiy 20.12.2011 174,362 5,774
Lisyanskiy 20.12.2011 257,333 8,521
Magadan -1 20.12.2011 187,785 6,218
Magadan -2 20.12.2011 155,192 5,139
Magadan -3 20.12.2011 61,414 2,034
Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Sobolokh-Nedzhlinskiy 20.12.2011 Gazprom 344,338 11,402
Srednetyungskiy 20.12.2011 836,654 27,704
Tas-Yuryakhskiy 20.12.2011 2,478,645 82,074
Verkhnevilyuchanskiy 20.12.2011 3,630,504 120,215


The Blocks of Federal Significance are:

  • areas containing recoverable reserves upwards of 70 million tons of oil or 50 billion cubic metres of natural gas;
  • pertaining to subsoil areas of federal importance;
  • areas of internal sea waters, territorial sea and the continental shelf of the Russian Federation; and
  • blocks whose disposal involves the use of land plots pertaining to defence and security lands.

The offshore blocks (three blocks in the Barents Sea and four in the Sea of Okhotsk) were awarded to Rosneft, while the onshore blocks (four gas fields in Yakutia) were awarded to Gazprom.

Russia Barents Sea awards

Blocks awarded in the Barents Sea (green shading). Source: PetroView®


Russia Okhotsk Sea awards

Blocks awarded in the Sea of Okhotsk (green shading). Source: PetroView®


Sakha awards

Blocks awarded in the Republic of Sakha (green shading). Source: PetroView®


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