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On the map: Programme

The three day course will cover the following modules:

Introduction to GIS
An introduction to GIS fundamentals, and the benefits of spatially enabled databases and spatial analysis.

Introduction to ArcGIS
An overview and first look at the ArcGIS software suite and its components. The ESRI licensing model.

Working with vector feature classes
Editing existing features and their attributes. Creating features from coordinates.

Working with raster feature classes
Opening and examining existing raster data sets, and geo-referencing new ones. Digitising features into vector feature classes.

Spatial references
A look at the components of a spatial reference and why a spatial reference is crucial to the integrity of a dataset.

Other spatial data formats
Exporting data to CAD packages and other visualisation tools such as Google Earth.

Learning why data about data is useful, and how it supports best practices for storing, sharing and searching datasets.

Spatial data analysis
How to manipulate spatial data using predefined toolsets and create streamlined workflows with Model Builder.

Visualizing results with thematic maps
Use thematic mapping techniques to visualise the results of an analysis. Use the Layer Properties to change the cosmetic appearance of a dataset.

Cartography and map production
How to add other map features such as graphs and text. Automatic creation of ‘map books’ – a series of maps covering a region. Exporting maps for presentations and reports.


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