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On the map: Course leaders

About the course leaders

Craig Foot

GIS Team Manager
Craig graduated from the Department of Geomatic Engineering, UCL, with a BEng (Hons) in Geospatial and Environmental Information Management. It was here that he combined his keen interest in mapping and spatial data with the GIS knowledge needed to manage, analyse and present it effectively.

Whilst at Deloitte, his projects have included work on cartography, data management, and application development. As a manager in the Group, Craig leads the GIS developers who build and maintain the PetroView application. The same group is also responsible for the PetroView helpline: exposing the team to the variety of work that our users face. He has written and facilitated a number of “On the Map” training courses to introduce oil and gas clients to ArcGIS for Desktop, as well as the PetroView training courses.

Craig has over eight years’ experience working regularly on the ArcGIS and MapInfo GIS applications.


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