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Oil and gas industry insight and analysis

In the Petroleum Services group at Deloitte we provide targeted, integrated Advisory Services to the upstream and downstream oil and gas industry. We help industry players to predict and adapt to the challenges of ever-changing regulatory, political, economic and technical environments.
The very nature of this dynamic commercial world makes strategic decision-making, project evaluation and planning increasingly difficult and risk laden. Complexities are faced at all levels, from macro-economic and political events to local issues and challenges. In this climate, technical advice detached from economic contexts may have limited value, whilst economic analysis lacking technical insight can fail to illuminate the entire picture. Furthermore, as web-based technologies can deliver a profusion of information of debatable quality, the ability to question, validate and interpret activity with clarity and understanding is of utmost value.
This is why we consider accurate, up-to-date information – capturing the world from economic and technical standpoints – coupled with sound, experienced, tactical advice as critical. Together these two strands should form the foundation of strategic decisions made in the oil and gas arena, both within the market place and in the deployment of internal systems.


In response to these demands, we have developed three interlinked offerings that make up our Advisory Services proposition:

  1. Oil and gas analysis;
  2. Economic modelling; and
  3. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and data management.

Each service is designed to complement the others and they are all underpinned by our Information Solutions (Products); a suite of data driven tools delivering oil and gas information to the industry.


A broad range of clients benefiting from our services include:

  • super-majors/majors;
  • independents;
  • national oil companies;
  • service companies;
  • private equity houses;
  • oil and gas network operators; and
  • government organisations.



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